How Kwen Lakay’s Search Functionality works?

Here’s an explanation of how the search functionality on our Kwen Lakay works.

Search Functionality Process of Kwen Lakay:

User Input

When you arrive at my website, you can use the search bar, which is prominently located on the homepage or a dedicated search page. You can enter specific keywords or phrases related to your search query, like “restaurants in New York.”

Query Processing

Once you’ve entered your search query, our website’s search function processes the input. It parses the keywords and prepares them for matching against our database of listings and content.

Index Matching

Your query is then matched against our website’s database, which contains information about all the listings, including details like business names, descriptions, locations, and keywords associated with each listing.

Relevance Ranking

After matching your query against our database, we rank the results based on relevance. Listings that closely match your search query are ranked higher, while less relevant ones are ranked lower. We determine relevance using various factors, such as keyword frequency, location proximity, and user ratings.

Displaying Results

We present the sorted results to you in a visually organized manner. Typically, you’ll see a list of relevant listings or a grid of thumbnail images along with short descriptions. Each result includes a link to the full listing page for more details.

Filters and Sorting

To enhance your experience, our Listing Pro theme provides additional filtering and sorting options. You can use these features to refine your search further, such as filtering by category, price range, or ratings.

Autocomplete and Suggestions

We also offer autocomplete suggestions as you type, helping you find relevant keywords quickly and improving your search experience.

Faceted Search

We support faceted search, allowing you to narrow down your search results by selecting multiple filters simultaneously. For instance, you can search for “Italian restaurants in Manhattan” and then further filter by price range or cuisine type.


If there are a large number of search results, we provide pagination options, allowing you to navigate through multiple pages of listings.

In summary, the search functionality on our Kwen Lakay website enables you to enter search queries, matches these queries against our website’s database, ranks and displays the results in a user-friendly manner, and offers various tools and features to help you find the information you’re looking for efficiently.